Donating to Charity Blogs

Here at Altruity, we like to stay in the know about everything happening in the charitable giving industry. We’re always adding new blogs about donating to charity, the best charities in America, and how you can donate to make a bigger impact!

If you’d like to follow along with us, check out some of our recent posts! An informed donor is an empowered donor, after all.

How Workplace Giving Elevates Employee Engagement

Workplace giving is a win-win for businesses as well as the charities they support. But many employers overlook how it...
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Spotlight on The Salvation Army: Spreading the Spirit of Charitable Giving

This season, choose a charity with a long history of giving back. We love to shine a light on charitable...
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How to Maximize Your Charitable Giving with the Altruity Gift Basket

Doing even more good is just a click away! There are numerous tools built into the Altruity online giving platform,...
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Giving Tuesday 2021: Here’s How to Get Involved

Gear up for Giving Tuesday this year with the help of Altruity. Mark your calendars! Giving Tuesday is coming up...
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Spotlight on Feeding America: Give Thanks and Give Back to a Hunger Relief Organization This Season

Your hunger-relief donations go further with Altruity. This season is the perfect time to give thanks for what you have...
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