Workplace Giving

Introducing Altruity Workplace Giving

Altruity is an online charitable giving platform that we integrate with payroll system providers to allow employees to easily support their favorite charitable missions, directly from their paycheck! Our easy to use and convenient process enhances employee engagement programs and aligns your brand with the individual giving passions of your customers' employees.

Please view our 2 minute video below and the rest of this page to learn more. We'd love to hear from you!

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Make a Big Impact With Your Customers

We are your trusted, workplace giving partner who simplifies your ability to deliver a positive impact to your customers. From the innovative technology of Altruity to the grantmaking facilitated by the Altruity Foundation (an IRS tax exempt 501c3 charity), adding Altruity to your platform is a win-win for everyone. Here is how!

  • Your Payroll Processing Platform: Differentiate and attract new customers by offering an integrated philanthropic solution.
  • Employers: Enhance their brand and align with the individual giving passions of their employees.
  • Employees: We have thousands of U.S. charities, so each employee can choose the charity they are most passionate about.

Workplace Giving is Important to Your Customers

Corporate social responsibility and investment professionals, HR managers and even the C-Suite are recognizing that workplace and corporate giving programs are no longer just about fundraising. They have become increasingly relevant components of a company’s broader culture, employee engagement and human capital management strategy.

Employees appreciate workplace giving options

Increased Revenue

Introducing the cutting-edge Altruity Workplace Giving solution to your platform will attract new customers, build brand loyalty, and make a significant, as well as positive, impact on your bottom line. All while helping your customers support the missions they are most passionate about.

Altruity Makes It Easy

We offer a full API integration or a more light-weight version using the Altruity user-interface. We'll tailor the experience to your payroll platform and needs.

We'll handle the gift receipts, tax reporting, state registrations, grant-making, and make sure you get all the applause!

  • Flexible pay cycle giving
  • Seasonal giving
  • Emergency response giving
  • Employer gift-matching program
Altruity makes workplace giving easy
Altruity is a comprehensive program

A Comprehensive Program

Altruity is more than a technology solution. We bring the entire philanthropic giving program to enhance your payroll platform, with an impact that you will be proud of.

  • Full state-by-state fundraiser and charity registration.
  • Our Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt 501c3.
  • Promotional and educational materials.
  • Continued success program.
  • Program impact reporting to enhance your marketing efforts.
  • and much more!