Charitable Solicitation Disclosures

Altruity Foundation, Inc., a Delaware nonprofit corporation recognized by the IRS as exempt from income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), and its partner Olithan Solutions, Inc., a South Carolina corporation, publish detailed financial summary information as a part of their annual reports, financial reports, and IRS 990 forms. Altruity Foundation, Inc. has retained Olithan Solutions, Inc., a paid professional fundraiser, to assist in its fundraising programs. Information about Olithan Solutions, Inc., may be obtained by visiting www.olithansolutions.com.

General Solicitation Disclosures

If you are donating on www.myaltruity.org,  www.myaltruity.com,  www.altruitydonations.com,  www.altruitydonations.org,  www.altruityfoundation.org or on websites or applications of partners of Altruity Foundation, the following disclosures apply to you.


Who is Olithan Solutions?

Olithan Solutions, Inc. is a technology company based in South Carolina. The Altruity® platform you are using is owned and operated by Olithan Solutions. Olithan Solutions partners with a number of for-profit companies to provide you Altruity, an easy and secure site to support your favorite charities and manage all of your donations.

Altruity® is a first-of-its-kind donation processing platform designed to make charitable giving more efficient and rewarding. We use cutting-edge technology so you (the donor) will have one place to go to support your favorite causes and manage all of your charitable giving history.

Olithan Solutions is a registered professional fundraiser with operations in all 50 United States, and is a contracted professional fundraiser for the Altruity Foundation (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization).


Who is the Altruity Foundation?

When you make a donation, you are donating to the Altruity Foundation, a Delaware nonprofit organization that is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Altruity Foundation’s (www.altruityfoundation.org) mission is to promote online charitable giving utilizing innovative technology that makes it easier for individuals to support their preferred charities, and to positively impact these charities through the disbursement of charitable grants. Your gift to the Altruity Foundation is restricted to disbursement to other charitable organizations, which you designate.

Your donation is processed securely through the Altruity® platform, the gift amount is deposited to the Altruity Foundation’s bank account, and then the Altruity Foundation grants the net proceeds to the charity you have designated in your donation. Please see “How is my donation processed?” for more details.


I thought I was making a donation through the site where I started?

Olithan Solutions integrates Altruity with numerous online partner sites (“Partner Sites”) to provide you an easy, yet secure, charitable giving experience. Altruity is safe, secure, private, and helps support the issues and causes you care most about.

If you came to Altruity through one of our Partner Site integrations then you were purposely directed here to complete your donation. Olithan Solutions (Altruity) and the Altruity Foundation are the parties who have solicited you to make a donation.

Olithan Solutions will share some of your donation details with the Partner Site where you came from, only so that we can complete your donation process. Your choice of charity remains confidential. Please know that our Partner Sites, the Altruity Foundation, and Olithan Solutions are in partnership to provide you with this easy, yet secure, way to give back to the greater good and gain an awesome feeling!


How is my donation processed?


If you visit us from a Partner Site where you are a registered user, then your donation amount is automatically deducted from your account with that Partner Site or added to your existing transaction with that Partner Site. This eliminates the need for you to provide a separate payment method and avoids the extra payment processing costs associated with traditional online fundraising methods. Soon thereafter, the donation amount is electronically transferred directly to the Altruity Foundation’s bank account and you will be emailed a tax-deductible receipt that includes the Altruity Foundation’s tax-exempt ID and your designated charity. The Altruity Foundation will then grant your gift to your designated charity.


If you visit us directly, then your donation will be processed via payment card. Your sensitive payment card information is not stored in Altruity, it is securely passed to our card processor. You will be emailed a receipt that includes the Altruity Foundation’s tax-exempt ID and your designated charity. The Altruity Foundation will then grant your gift to your designated charity.


Who receives the donation?

As required by federal tax law, once a donation has been processed, it becomes the property of the Altruity Foundation, and the Altruity Foundation has legal control over the donated funds. In very rare situations, the Altruity Foundation cannot disburse donated funds to the recommended charity when, for example, such charity falls out of compliance with a federal or state regulatory authority. If the Altruity Foundation cannot disburse the donation to the charity that you have chosen, the Altruity Foundation will in its sole discretion select a similar charity or may contact you for a different recommendation.

Who receives my information?

The Altruity donation form gives you the choice to indicate if you wish for your designated charity to receive your contact information (“opt-in”). If you choose to opt-in, then your name and email address will be securely provided to your designated charity, along with your gift. By opting-in, you understand that your designated charity may contact you. At no time will Olithan Solutions or the Altruity Foundation sell your contact information to another organization. See our privacy policy here for more information.


Minimum Disbursement Amount

Altruity processes donations in volume and the Altruity Foundation then bundles donations made to the same charity and delivers the aggregate amount.

The Altruity Foundation has set the Minimum Disbursement Amount at $25, net of fees. This means that the Foundation will hold donated funds, designated to a specific charitable organization, until the aggregate total for that charitable organization meets the Minimum Disbursement Amount, or until the end of its current fiscal year.


When will my chosen charity get the donation?

If your designated charity has signed up to receive disbursements through electronic funds transfer, then the Altruity Foundation will disburse all donations, net of fees, typically within thirty (30) days and no later than sixty (60) days after the end of each month in which the Altruity Foundation has received the donated funds.

If the designed charity has elected to receive disbursements by check, the Altruity Foundation will mail a check no later than sixty (60) days after the end of each month in which the Altruity Foundation has received the donated funds, provided that the aggregate donations total at least the “Minimum Disbursement Amount”.

The Altruity Foundation shall have the right to update the Minimum Disbursement Amount from time to time in its sole discretion.  If the aggregate donations for the charity do not meet the Minimum Disbursement Amount, the Altruity Foundation will hold such donations until the sum of the aggregate donations meets the Minimum Disbursement Amount. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Altruity Foundation will disburse such donations to the charity, net of processing costs, at the end of its fiscal year, regardless of whether or not such amount is less than the “Minimum Disbursement Amount”.


What fees are charged?

There are expenses associated with processing and distributing online donations through Altruity. In addition, Altruity has a full suite of time-saving donation management features, made available to our users free of cost.

Even though our platform is complex to build and operate, we try to pass along very little of its expense to the charities that our donors support. The following fees provide Olithan Solutions and the Altruity Foundation with the capital to make continuous improvement to the donating process, providing customer support, processing transactions, and disbursing funds to charities.

Additionally, these fees further the Altruity Foundation’s mission of promoting online charitable giving utilizing innovative technology that makes it easier for individuals to support their preferred charities, and to positively impact these charities through the disbursement of charitable grants.

Altruity’s fundraising model is geared towards delivering small, frequent donations to charities. So that we can deliver a significant portion of your gift to the charity, we charge less fees for smaller donations and increase our fees on larger donations. Additionally, we must charge increased fees when a donation is made using a credit card because the credit card processor charges fees as well. However, Olithan Solutions absorbs some of the additional cost in order to deliver a high percentage to the charity.


This is a nonprofit industry metric that indicates the percentage of each dollar raised after deducting the costs to raise that dollar. The industry average is 89%, and Altruity is able to beat or exceed this average through all of our processing models.


All Altruity fees qualify for an “A” rating by charitywatch.org. The following tables show the fundraising and processing fees associated with Altruity’s various integration and process models.

Donations through our innovative Integrated Donation model
Donations $5 – $14 Donations $15 – $24 Donations $25 – $99 Donations >= $100
7.50% + 30¢ 8.25% + 35¢ 8.50% + 35¢ 9.00% + 35¢
Fundraising Efficiency $12 gift = 90% $20 gift = 90% $75 gift = 91% $200 gift = 91%
Donations made with a payment card (includes credit card processor fees):
Donations $5 – $24 Donations $26 – $499 Donations > $500
8.70% + 45¢ 10.20% + 50¢ 10.20% + 60¢
Fundraising Efficiency $20 gift = 89% $300 gift = 90% $500 gift = 90%
Workplace Giving Donations:

Altruity receives a flat 11% processing fee.


Olithan Solutions (Altruity) frequently reviews its fee structure and reserves the right to revise these fees without written notification, except on this page.


Per-Check Fees for Disbursements to US Charitable Organizations.

At the end of every calendar month, we calculate the amounts received for every charitable organization, net of the fees above, and send US charitable organizations payment for all amounts greater than the Minimum Disbursement Amount. We charge a $5 processing fee per paper check.


Other disclosures

Donations to the Altruity Foundation can only be used for charitable purposes and not for the benefit of the donor or related persons for any other purpose conferring impermissible private benefit. While all donations made to the Altruity Foundation are restricted for disbursement (net of operational fees), all charitable grants made from the Altruity Foundation to other charities are unrestricted.