A Mission Dedicated to You

The Altruity Foundation is our non-profit partner organization. The Foundation's mission is to promote online charitable giving and make it easier for you to give back, feel good, and make a difference! Check out their website now, or keep scrolling for more information.

Altruity is a comprehensive program

A Nationally Registered Charity

The Altruity Foundation is a nationally registered charitable organization and carries a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. The Altruity Foundation has no hidden agenda or favored charities. Our organization is dedicated to the individual giving missions of United States donors.

Your Donation Means More Impact

All donations processed by Altruity go directly to the tax-exempt Altruity Foundation. 90% of an average Altruity donation is granted directly to the donor's designated charities across the nation, compared to the industry average of 89%. That means your money goes even further for your cause. The Altruity Foundation uses the remaining amount to pay its processing partners' fees out of your gift. Or, you can opt to add the tax-deductible processing fees to your gift and make an even bigger impact! It's up to you.

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