How to Maximize Your Charitable Giving with the Altruity Gift Basket

altruity December 13, 2021

Doing even more good is just a click away!

There are numerous tools built into the Altruity online giving platform, but one of the most innovative and efficient features is the Altruity Gift Basket.

Altruity is dedicated to providing you access to all your favorite charities and a convenient online donation process from start to finish, so you can focus on what matters most: your missions.

Check out everything this exciting feature can do, and start maximizing your charitable giving today!

Altruity Gift Basket: How it Works

The Altruity Gift Basket allows you to donate to up to 10 different charities in a single transaction. All you do is choose your favorite charities and determine the gift amounts for each, as shown below in this sample Gift Basket.

If you’d like to add another charity to your gift basket, simply click the “Add another charity” button. If you’re all set, then just proceed to checkout and enter your payment card information one time!

You’ll get an immediate tax-deductible receipt and an awesome feeling! We’ll split your gift and deliver the designated amounts to each charitable organization for you. That’s it! No more scouring the Internet for different charity websites or inputting card information multiple times.

Benefits of the Gift Basket

With Altruity’s Gift Basket, you can completely streamline your charitable giving and get your immediate tax-deductible receipt. Save time by only entering your credit card information once, and let us do all the heavy lifting to get your gifts delivered.

In addition, your Giving History will be automatically saved in your user profile after every transaction. You’ll have immediate access to all receipts and gift dates to make tax season a breeze!

Try out the Gift Basket for Yourself

With the logistics off your plate, you’re free to focus on what you do best: giving back! Your online donations matter to the causes you care about, and every little bit counts. So, what are you waiting for? Maximize your charitable giving with the Altruity Gift Basket today!

More Altruity Features to Choose From

The Gift Basket isn’t the only tool that Altruity has to offer. From our Charity Spotlights to the Giving Goals Wizard, we’ve created plenty of ways to make charitable giving seamless and fun! Please visit our Regulatory Compliance page to verify our registration status in your state.

Create your free account today, or you can donate without an Altruity account and we’ll link your gifts to your account when you’re ready. Please check out our blog for more resources!