Donating to Charity Blogs

Here at Altruity, we like to stay in the know about everything happening in the charitable giving industry. We’re always adding new blogs about donating to charity, the best charities in America, and how you can donate to make a bigger impact!

If you’d like to follow along with us, check out some of our recent posts! An informed donor is an empowered donor, after all.

Charity Spotlights: Local, Domestic & International Charities that Need Online Donations

Donate to one or all of these charities today to make a difference in someone’s tomorrow. From local food banks...
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The Best Charities to Support: Top 3 Tips to Help You Decide

Do your research so you can donate to charities online with confidence! With so many exceptional organizations to support, it...
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Donate Online Today for National Nonprofit Day

Altruity can help! National Nonprofit day is coming up on August 17! Which American charity will you choose to donate to?...
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Top 3 Ways to Maximize Your Online Charitable Donations with Altruity

A revolutionary new online charitable giving platform is here, and it’s changing the way people donate. Altruity, powered by Olithan Solutions,...
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