Charity Spotlights: Local, Domestic & International Charities that Need Online Donations

altruity September 21, 2021

Donate to one or all of these charities today to make a difference in someone’s tomorrow.

From local food banks to international charities, there are so many amazing causes to support in your own neighborhood and across the globe. Take a look at these three amazing charitable organizations we’re highlighting this month, and get to know their missions!

Local Spotlight: Greater Urbana Area Food Bank

The Greater Urbana Area Food Bank located in Frederick, Maryland, is an all-volunteer, faith-based organization dedicated to providing individuals and families in difficult life circumstances with supplemental assistance, such as food and other necessities. This admirable organization achieves this through the collaboration of its generous local network of partner individuals, groups, and businesses in the area.

The small but mighty charitable organization provides food, clothing, household goods, baby items, and assistance with urgent needs to 271 families in the Greater Urbana area. That’s more than 800 men, women, and children. They are supported 100% by individuals and partner groups and businesses who donate money, time, and goods & services. Greater Urbana Area Food Bank is known for exceeding expectations of compassion, privacy, dignity, and respect. You can find them and make an online donation here to help support their cause.

Domestic Spotlight: St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Most of us are aware of this organization’s resolute determination to fight and conquer childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Their official mission is to advance cures and means of prevention for life-threatening pediatric diseases through thorough research and treatment. No child is ever denied treatment based on race, religion, or financial means, thanks to the organization’s founder Danny Thomas.

Their research is funded by charitable giving from generous donors like you, and online donations are an easy and efficient way to get your money to them quickly and help them keep making a difference. Donate to St Jude’s today through Altruity!

International Spotlight: UNICEF

UNICEF is an outstanding example of an American charity with an international reach. This organization works in more than 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of every child, helping them survive, thrive, and fulfill their potential through their early adolescence.

In addition to supporting children’s health and nutrition, safe water and sanitation, quality education, and protection against violence and exploitation, UNICEF is also the world’s largest provider of vaccines.

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